About BioD Medica

BioD Medica provides solutions in introducing medical devices and healthcare technology into Malaysia and Singapore. Our team is professionally trained and with experience in distributing and marketing medical devices in these countries.

We understand the importance of speed-to-market and fulfilling regulatory requirements. At BioD Medica, we hope to assist you to navigate the regulatory mazes and enable you to introduce your products into Malaysia and Singapore with ease. Keeping it simple

Our Vision

In our vision at BioD Medica, we lead a transformative healthcare journey across the ASEAN region. We see a future where healthcare professionals seamlessly integrate our innovative diagnostic devices into their daily practice, ensuring early detection becomes a universal standard.

Our commitment to simplicity drives us to be the trusted partner in empowering medical practitioners, ultimately reshaping patient outcomes and fostering healthier communities throughout ASEAN. At BioD Medica, we envision a healthcare landscape where innovation meets accessibility, creating a lasting impact on lives across the region.

Our Mission
  1. Innovative Empowerment for Healthcare Professionals:

    We are dedicated to leading a transformative healthcare journey in Malaysia and Singapore. We provide healthcare professionals with accessible and innovative diagnostic devices, empowering them to seamlessly integrate early detection into their practice, thereby reshaping patient outcomes.

  2. Community-Focused Impact:

    We deliver exceptional services and groundbreaking medical devices, simplifying the journey to improved patient outcomes and actively reducing the burden of illness in our communities. We envision a healthcare landscape where our innovative solutions foster healthier communities.

Our Core Competencies
  1. Dynamic and Quality-Focused Team: Convergence between commercialization, regulatory compliance and clinical research
  2. Flat Organization: Empowering personnel to take charge and the management adopting a hands-on approach
  3. Lean & Flexible: Capable to tailor customized services as required by customers


Our Network

To commercialize or conduct clinical trials of medical device products in Malaysia and Singapore, requires dealing with regulatory  authorities to accessibility to hospitals/market access

01    |   Regulatory bodies for Malaysia and Singapore

02    |   Local and Central Ethics Committees 

03    |   Professional Medical Societies and Associations

04    |   > 100 registered account with hospitals / medical centres

05    |   Partnership with universities & clinical research centre


Our Services

We provide services focusing on medical devices, from product registration to distribution of medical devices:

  1. Distribution or commercialization of products
  2. Importation and warehousing of products
  3. Authorized representative for Malaysia and Singapore
  4. Regulatory affair services
  5. Clinical research management


    We are GDPMD Certified to:

    1. Import
    2. Werehouse
    3. Distribution

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