How do I get a clean ECG signal with KardiaMobile?

If you are having trouble recording a clean and consistent signal try the following


Get yourself ready

  • Take a seat in chair at a table, and be in a seated, relaxed position
  • When recording from the hands, relax the arms and hands to reduce muscle noise.
  • If your fingers are dry, try moistening them with a bit of water

Prepare your devices:

  • Be sure your smartphone or tablet is unplugged and that no headphones or other accessories are in use
  • Turn off hearing aids and avoid being near other items that may cause interference, such as computers
  • Make sure Mains Filter is set appropriately for your geographical location. This can be adjusted under the Kardia app Settings.

Positioning your hands and the device

  • Place both your phone and Kardia device on the table in front of you
  • Ensure the Kardia device is within 6 inches of your smart phone’s microphone (usually at the bottom portion that you would normally speak in to, iPads normally have the microphone near the top)
  • You may rest  your forearms and hands on table in front of you and let your finger tips rest on the Kardia ECG electrodes like is shown in the image below:

During the Recording

  • Make sure that both you and the mobile device remain still during ECG recordings. Movement during recordings will cause noise in the tracing
  • Keep a light touch on the electrodes – no need to squeeze or press down too firmly

You can also watch a short video below on how to take a clean EKG.